Most the stories, etc found here are written by Jodie


“Don’t move!” he’d been ordered. “These stainless-steel talons are razor-sharp and will cut through skin as if it was hot butter.”

So he had kept his body rigid, barely breathing as the cool metal grazed up and down over his back from shoulders to knees. It hadn’t taken long for him to completely relax and zone out.

A short time later he opened his eyes and sensed the other man’s presence. He drew in a deep cleansing breath and grinned as he was pulled upward and into his Dom’s arms. Too weak to do more than limply lean into the embrace, he murmured, “That was terrific. Too bad it didn’t last longer.”

“Just how long do you think it’s been?” The smile could be heard in the voice.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “Fifteen or twenty minutes maybe.”

He felt the chuckle rumble up from the chest beneath his head and heard, “It’s been over two hours since I placed you on the table.”

Strong arms lifted and carried him out of their small private dungeon and down the hall into the master bedroom, gently depositing him on their large bed.

“Come, we’ll spend your recovery time together.” He rolled over to cuddle against the man who made his very existence worthwhile.

The End

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