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I sit here with my back against the headboard and my sub sitting between my legs. We were both coming down from the highs we’d been enjoying. Although I often experience feeling of euphoria during a heavy play session, I have never been subjected to the melancholy some go through at a sudden drop in endorphin levels and I don’t know if I should credit it to sheer luck or my own self-control. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my sub who occasionally has undergone emotional turmoil that can lead to depression if not cared for properly.

Even now I watch as he withdraws into himself, drawing up his legs and wrapping his arms around them to curl into an oversized ball.
Our lifestyle choices are about us, our wants and needs. But the intense activities that are part of our relationship can have some downsides; one of which is referred to as Sub drop. It is a return to ordinariness from the elevated amounts of endorphin and is very much a part of our lives.

Sometimes it happens quickly, lasting no time at all. Other times it takes place slowly over several hours. The effects can be extremely pleasant or staggeringly distasteful.

As a Dom, my sub is my overriding concern. It is my responsibility to provide his aftercare and it is an obligation I take on willingly.

I try unsuccessfully to pull him back to me, but my attempts only cause him to whimper and stiffen even more. I settle for caressing him, kissing his shoulders and whispering words of love and comfort into his ear.

My mantra consists of repeatedly telling him how important he is; how badly I need him in my life; how much he is loved and that he is safe. I tell him of my respect and admiration for him and how much I cherish the gift of his submission that he gives to only me.  

Eventually my words penetrate the fog he’s in and he slowly relaxes. Trust has returned. It was hard earned. He’d been abandoned in the past, once left to drive home alone while still in subspace. I would no more permit that than I would allow him to drive drunk and he knows it.

His body has become pliant and he seeks out my attention. I reach around him and fondle his genitals. He spreads his legs and lifts his backside to give me better access, as he all but purrs with contentment. Although he responds to my touch, he will not ejaculate. That will come later.

Right now, as the one accountable for the position my lover is presently in, I will do my utmost to care for him.

It’s about mutual trust, and while we are both answerable with trying to understand and give pleasure to each other, in this situation it is mostly my place to take the lead and provide the steadiness which my sub requires and is more than worthy of.

My encouragement was bringing him down at a slow soothing pace, which is all we can hope for.

The End

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