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The two men stood staring down at the object sitting on top of the spanking bench.

“What is that doing here?” Flynn inquired with a note of irritation in his voice.

“I bought it.”

“I took that for granted. What I’d like to know, is why after being told we have more than enough of those things.”

“I did it because I wanted to, because I needed to, because I had to, but mainly because…..” Ned stopped when he realized the implication behind the rest of his explanation and was suddenly ashamed of it.

Flynn finished for him. “And mainly because I said you weren’t to purchase any more toys.”

“But we really could put this to good use because it’s different from anything else we have.” Ned shoved a pamphlet attached to the packing slip towards his Dom. “Read this.”

Taking the paper, Flynn began to read out loud. “This device gives you a magnificent erection, massages your prostate and vibrates against your taint. This is an amazing sexual enhancement tool. Once you’ve wrapped it around your penis and scrotum, slide the contoured massager into your body. As you thrust forward it will tug on the anal insert, rubbing it back and forth against your prostate. There’s even an extra bulge to massage your perineum. By adding a bullet you can turn that taint massager into a taint vibrator. We highly recommend that you go all the way.”

Sending a glare in his Sub’s direction, Flynn growled, “and you really thought we’d benefit from one of these, did you?”

“Well….” Ned felt even more uncertain than he had a couple of minutes ago. Searching through the packaging, he discovered what he hoped would make all the difference between his Dom deciding to keep the new toy or send it back. “Look at this! It’s got a remote control.”

Flynn took it and turned it over several times in his hand. He appeared to be giving the idea some thought and Ned found himself wishing he could read the older man’s mind.

“Maybe we can put this to good use,” Flynn slowly mused. He knew this latest purchase wasn’t due only to the younger man wanting a new thrill. He easily clued into his sub’s desire for a scene. He bit back a smile when he thought how much easier, not to mention cheaper, it would have been for Ned to merely come right out and ask. But leave it to his sub to avoid the direct route when at all possible. “I think it’s time to reiterate why we are in this type of relationship, my boy.” Flynn feigned anger when he gruffly ordered, “Strip!”

Ned’s eyes widened and he wondered just how far over the line he had stepped. ‘Oh well, too late to turn back now,’ he thought as he quickly obeyed his Dom.

After removing the box containing their latest acquisition, Flynn bent Ned over the bench. He initially spanked firmly but smoothly before steadily intensifying the smacks and increasing the pace until a nice red glow began to appear and Ned was squirming uncontrollably.

“Can you tell me why you are being punished, my boy?”

“Because I disobeyed you,” Ned answered correctly.

“Why else?”

Ned had to think about that one. “Hmm…ah…because you can?”


“But I just had to have it, Flynn.” Ned somehow managed to hold back his tears. He willing admitted to himself that he had asked for this in a somewhat devious fashion.

“That is still up for debate.” Flynn ended the spanking with half a dozen rather hard swats to the tender underside of both cheeks.

After setting Ned back on his feet, Flynn stood his sub facing forward at the front to their St. Andrews cross. Next he applied a liberal amount of lube and slipped the rings of the enhancer over the younger man’s genitals. He then prepared his sub for the anal intrusion, making sure the shaft rested against the internal erogenous zone while still able to stimulate the perineum with the strategically placed bullet. Once the apparatus was properly situated, he had Ned sit down on a stool, securing his legs to the stool and his arms overhead to the cross.

“Comfy?” he asked with a wicked gleam in his eye. He gave a leering grin when the younger man merely nodded, and stepped back to try out the remote control.

It wasn’t hard to see that this specific toy provided intense attention because of the part that effortlessly reached Ned’s male g-spot. The intruder massaged internally with Ned’s movements while providing delicate yet relentless pressure externally.

“You are not permitted to cum until I say so, boy. You got that?”

“Yes, sir,” Ned enthusiastically agreed. He was really turned on by his Dom being inflexibly in control.

Flynn pulled over a chair and sat down facing his sub in order to keep a close eye on him and his reactions. This was a new toy and Flynn wanted to proceed with caution.

He started pushing the ‘on’ button of the remote slowly for very brief periods to allow time for the other man to physically and mentally get used to what was taking place and the inevitable release of endorphins which would make withholding an ejaculation all the harder.  

“We’re going to talk, my love. I thought we’d moved past your attempts to manipulate me in order to have your needs met. Seems I was mistaken. I think it time we remind ourselves how we met and why we jointly chose this lifestyle.” He held down the button again when his comment hadn’t garnished a response.

“I remember,” Ned groaned out. “I came to apply for a job here at the club. I knew I couldn’t afford a membership and had been told it was the best BDSM club in the city. My friends thought I was crazy; even more so when I was hired and moved into the place.” He smiled at the man sitting across from him. “I found you kind of intimidating at that interview. You can be one scary dude.”  

Flynn returned the smile. “You didn’t know a thing about bartending. Did you ever wonder why I hired you?”

“Because you just couldn’t resist my charm.” Ned laughed at his Dom rolling his eyes, and then moaned when the bullet began to vibrate again. He threw back his head and gave himself up to the sensations flooding his body.

“If I remember correctly, you went through your first week’s wages rather quickly. Trying out fancy drink pouring techniques proved very expensive, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I finally learned how and it’s neat being able to impress the customers,” Ned softly stated and he relaxed as the stimuli eased off.

“It was the beginning of a journey,” was Flynn’s only response. He remembered his interested being sparked by this young man right from their first meeting. As an experienced Dom and Top, he had also grasped and acceded to the fact that he’d rarely if ever be bored. He found Ned to be adventurous, free from care, and impulsive to his own detriment. He clearly needed reigning in.      

“I couldn’t believe it when you asked me if I’d like to be your partner, or when you promised to always watch over me. It took me quite a while to realize how much I needed the boundaries we set up and to appreciate how you’ve maintained them over the five years we’ve been together.” Ned gazed into his Dom’s eyes, his own shining with love and admiration for the older man. “You’ve dominated me right from the start. Just your presence has always been enough to accomplish that.”

“I can only dominate one who wants to be dominated and anything outside of that would be illegal, immoral and therefore out of the question. As a Dominant, I want to take and use control over a submissive. As a submissive, you want to give in and be controlled by a Dominator. So both of us use control as a way to seek and achieve pleasure. Our power-exchange is a not only for play, we live it 24/7. I ask for your obedience and for the most part you willingly give it.” Flynn had been pushing the button at varied intervals, keeping his sub on guard and never knowing when the next jolt would come. “Right now you are showing your obedience by not ejaculating, just as I ordered you.”

“But I don’t think I can hold on much longer,” Ned murmured as another spasm ran through him and his manhood stiffened painfully.

Flynn leaned forward and checked the new toy. Everything was fine, so he pushed the button again and this time he held it down as he got up and move his chair back against the wall.

Mere seconds later, Ned called out his safe word and without delay was given permission to cum. He immediately roared his release and then went limp.

Flynn was impressed by the amount the semen produced and the distance it travelled, glad he’d had the foresight to move out of the way. He quickly freed his sub, gently removed the device that had tormented the young man so marvellously, and steered him over to the sofa in the corner.

It was here that Flynn would patiently talk his sub down from the head-space he presently inhabited.  Why? Because he loved him so and had promises to keep.

“Always remember, my love, our journey has been and will continue to be a pilgrimage towards self-awareness, acceptance and permission to find mutual happiness in the most decadent manner,” Flynn vowed.

“Just because we can, huh?” Ned whispered and cuddled further into the safety net his Dom’s arms provided.

The End 


  1. "Because you can", Inflexibly in control. Oh Jodie, love the dominance displayed by Flynn and the submission of Ned. Thanks for this!