Most the stories, etc found here are written by Jodie

The Cost of Greed

Flynn studied the man curled up in the corner of their sofa. “You don’t look too well, love.” His voice clearly showed his concern.

“Bet I feel a lot worse than I look.” Ned moaned and tightened the hold he had on his stomach.

Glancing around, Flynn spotted the empty Tupperware container lying on the floor. “Where’s all the fudge my sister made us?”

The only response was Ned groaning and then making a beeline for the bathroom where he threw up the majority of his stomach contents.

Flynn wet a facecloth with warm water and wrung it out. As soon as the toilet was flushed, he helped his Brat to his feet and gently washed his face. “Did you just eat all that candy in one sitting, Ned?”

“Uh-huh.” Ned closed his eyes and leaned his head against Flynn’s chest.

“And you didn’t save me any?”

“You said you didn’t want any more.”

“I said no such thing, young man. After eating one piece when we open that present, I merely commented that one piece at a time was enough because of the sugar content.” Flynn’s voice was getting sterner.

“Damn,” Ned muttered. “I’m sorry, Flynn. Honest. But it’s against the rules to scold when I’m feeling this lousy.”

“Not one of my rules, Brat; especially when your ailment is self-inflicted. In fact, had I a mind to, I could give you a sound spanking for being so greedy.”

“Oooh, pleeease don’t” Ned softly implored. He knew his backside was safe when he was pulled closer and lovingly embraced as hands roamed soothingly over his back.

“I believe you’ve already paid enough of a price, you greedy little bugger,” Flynn lightly teased.

Ned found comfort in the sound of laughter rumbling from the solid chest next his ear. “I love you, big guy,” he murmured and wrapped his arms tightly around the man holding him.

The End. 

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