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Matching Pairs

Ned hummed his favourite Christmas Carole and swayed in time as he finished drying the breakfast dishes. He was nude except for the apron around his waist. He was unaware of his audience until a large hand landed painfully on the right side of his butt.

He dropped the tea towel and glanced over his shoulder. The words of protest died in his mouth at the expression on his Dom’s face.

“Why aren’t you wearing your slippers?” Flynn sternly demanded, not letting on just how sexy he found his partner.

“Ah, maybe ‘cause they don’t really match my apron?” Ned thought that was as good a reason as any. Much to his chagrin, he immediately discover he was mistaken when the same large hand landed on the left side of his butt. It was as equally painful as the first one.

He turned to hopefully get his backside out of range in case Flynn planned to add more swats to the two that were already smoldering there. He sighed his relief when he was merely handed his red slippers which he hastily put on.

“They’re a perfect match for the handprints on your backside, my boy,” Flynn ironically affirmed.

Ned’s apron was removed and he was pulled into a comforting hug. The large hands that had inflicted the burn now moved soothingly down his back to gently cup the overly warm cheeks.

“Matching pairs, huh?” Ned chuckled as he enthusiastically returned the hug.

The End    

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