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Acceptable Answers

Co-written by: Jodie & Brad

“No! This is not Theodore Smithers. I’ve told you the last three times you called.” Ned’s frustration was at an all-time high. “Now get your head out of your ass and find a phone book, you fucking moron!” he yelled before slamming down the receiver.

His bad mood was about to come to an end when he turned to find his partner standing behind him and realized his deplorable behaviour to someone who’d the misfortunate of dialing the wrong number had seriously aggravated Flynn’s last nerve.

Within seconds Ned’s jeans and boxers were around his knees and he was face down over the bigger man’s lap.

The assault on his backside was swift and painful, but fortunately short-lived. Just as suddenly he found himself plunked down on the hard kitchen floor with his now very sore butt bearing his entire weight. He tried to scramble up but was firmly pushed back down.

“I’ve asked you several times over the past week what was bothering you and kept getting the same answer that nothing was. I even offered to help you but you insisted everything was fine. Both were obviously the wrong answers. So now you can just sit there until you decide to answer truthfully.”

Flynn had learned long ago that his Brat’s moods could often be unpredictable. The timing and manner in dealing with them was of utmost importance.

Ned squirmed in an effort to relieve some of the pressure but was unsuccessful as Flynn reached out again to firmly keep him still. Knowledge that he’d be in this position for as long as it took was enforced by Flynn picking up the morning newspaper and starting to read the sports section. He closed his eyes and sighed as he reluctantly took on the embarrassing task of confessing an unkind act that had led to his recent rudeness.

“Ah, I was mean to Liam. Actually I was down-right nasty to him,” he sadly admitted.

The light went on and Flynn silently bowed his head in understanding. ‘Hmm, so we’re dealing with a guilty conscious.’ He prudently kept this thought to himself.

Ned was immediately pulled up from the floor to kneel between Flynn’s parted thighs and embraced by strong loving arms.

“So you’ve been fretting about this since Emerson and Liam left almost a week ago, right?”

Ned merely nodded against the chest his head was leaning against. “He was babbling on about the cruise Emerson was taking him on and driving me nuts.”

“He was excited.”

“I know,” Ned shamefully murmured while burrowing into Flynn’s sweater in an attempt to hide his reddening face as he resumed his sad tale. “You should have seen his face when I told him no one wanted to hear about his trip; that no one really gave a damn. I can’t get that look out of my mind. For a brief moment he seem to be so hurt, and then in a flash his expression went completely blank. He’s hardly said a word since.”

“Why, pet?” Flynn voice was soft.

Ned was sure that if the answer wasn’t quickly forthcoming, he’d be back on the floor. He didn’t think his butt could stand another encounter with the hard surface.

“I was jealous.” This quietly-spoken, final admission was made as much to Ned himself as it was to his husband.

“But you’ve never been interested in going on a cruise in the past, Ned. In fact, you veto the subject every time I bring it up.”

Ned shrugged. “I don’t know exactly. Maybe it was because he made it sound like so much fun.”

Flynn sorrowfully shook his head. “How could you have better dealt with this regrettable response to your friend’s happiest once the words were said?”

“I should have apologized immediately.”

“Instead you let your shame and embarrassment get in the way, and then spent the next week agonizing over it.”

“Yeah.” Ned thumped his forehead a couple of times against Flynn’s broad chest. “How dumb is that?” the younger man wretchedly inquired. There was no response as both men knew it was a rhetorical question.

“I think your next mistake was in not talking it over with me. What do you think?”

“Humph!” Ned snorted. “Looks like I’m batting a hundred in the stupid department.” He yelped when a large hand landed painfully on his still very sore butt. He knew better that to deride himself. It was a major no-no.

“You can make that overdue apology as soon as Liam returns and gets settled. In the meantime, we are going to prevent a repeat of today’s appalling conduct by spending time each evening examining your feelings and your reactions to them throughout the day.”

“Okay, that’ll work for me.” Ned’s arms tightened around Flynn’s waist.

Both men chuckled at that as they both knew Flynn’s directive had not been meant as a subject for debate. Neither suffered from any false illusions as to who was in charge of their relationship.

Flynn gently kissed his partner’s lips and stood up. He help Ned get to his feet and secretly smiled to himself as the younger man hissed while adjusting his clothing. Then he walked over to the counter to answer the ringing phone.

“Hello.” Flynn rolled his eyes in disbelief. “This is Theodore Smithers speaking.” A moment silence followed while Ned gaped opened-mouth at his Top and Dom.

“No,” Flynn continued. “I am not interested in taking part in a survey. Nor will I ever be interested in doing so. Please remove my name from your call lists. Have a good day. Good-bye.” He hung up the receiver and glanced over at Ned with a hint of amusement crinkling around the sides of his mouth.

He winked and they both gave a burst of laughter.

“Suitable answer, my dear?”

Ned gave Flynn a thumb’s up.

The End. 

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