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The Room

Ned stood on the threshold and glanced around. This wasn’t his favorite room, even though good memories had been made here. It just generated some really mixed feelings he oft-times had a hard time coming to grips with.

It didn’t really classify as a room in Ned’s mind. It was more like a glorified, windowless cubby-hole. A small eight-by-ten storage space in the middle of their flat that had been transformed.

It was now Flynn’s small private study where he conducted business. A place Ned never enter simply to visit or have an offhand chat. No sir; for far more serious dialogue took place here. It was here where errors in judgement were dealt with; where punishments were mete out and badly needed absolution was freely bestowed.

He cringed when he looked at the desk that dominated the room. He couldn’t begin to count the number of times he had been bent over it having his bare butt soundly paddled. Each time he’d been in that particular situation he had vowed never to let it happen again, and each time that promise to himself had been broken.

His eyes moved over to the old leather love seat and soften as better memories came to mind.
Although it looked inviting, Ned knew from experience that looks were deceiving. The small sofa was far from welcoming to a freshly spanked butt.

It was when he and his partner were cuddling together on this well-warn piece of furniture that misdemeanors were fully analyzed and new resolutions made. Tears were shed here, sometimes by both of them. Most importantly, love, comfort and reassurances were exchanged.

Ned heaved a sigh of resignation. Here he was again. When would he ever learn to think before making a decision? Later, he was sure, rather than sooner. Such was life; his life that is.

He felt a heavy hand land on his shoulder. He was firmly maneuvered into the room and over to the desk.

“Let’s take care of business,” Flynn somberly declared.

Ned lowered his jeans and boxers before bending forward.

The first step towards restitution and exoneration had been taken. He breathed a deep sigh of relief.

On second thought, he probably did like this room and oft-times did look forward to being here.

The End

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